How Will Your Estate Sale Go With Treasure Estate Pickers?

Your full-service estate sale organization in Deerfield, NY

Treasure Estate Pickers has developed a reputation for flawlessly completing both big and small estate sales throughout the Deerfield, New York area. Our process is the same for every customer that we work with in the area.

 When You Call Us Looking to Have an Estate Sale, We:

When You Call Us Looking to Have an Estate Sale, We:

1) Come to your home and look over the items you want to sell
2) Discuss your time frame, and we also work closely with you on your financial expectations
3) Do our best to make sure that you feel comfortable with our process and pricing

We cannot make any promises on profit prior to any sale, but we go to great lengths to set up every estate sale to look like an enticing big box department store. We understand the kinds of retail environments people are comfortable with, and we want to create one of those environments to help your items sell faster and for more money.

Our Goal Is to Always Do the Right Thing

The Treasure Estate Pickers understand that not every one of our customers can be present during their estate sale, and we have no problem being accountable for the entire estate sale process when you are not there.

We work with various organizations that take unsold items and get them to families in need, so you can rest easy knowing your items will have someplace to go. You can also count on us to arrange items you want to donate to specific organizations, or items you would like held so that you can pick them up later.

From our owner greeting customers at the door to our professional set-up, Treasure Estate Pickers has all of the process knowledge and experience you need to create a successful estate sale.